Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my love i mean [ex] LoVe =]

we been through a lot ups downs smiles nd frown happy tears nd sad ones,the love of my life was hopin she would be my future all good things come to and end nd she was my good thing..she made me feel real special all the time even when i pissed her off she showed me how much she loved me nd i still love her for tht she taught me how to love real first love my real first heartbreak all tht im not mad at her shit i love her to much to stay mad..she's every man dream she's still my dream..i tlk to her everyday nd we might argue the whole time bt we still gone say i love you after all the how we kno its forreal..we not together nomore bt i still love her wit all my heart aint no girl ever gone take her place in my heart i dnt think it possible..we have so many laughs we shared so many tears she been in my life for 10 months the longest 10 months always gone be my bby hopefully god gives us another chance with each other in the future if not thank u for bringer to me period she showed me feelins i didnt even kno i had real use to be like damn this girl got me droppin i guess thts love its crazy bt yea thts my love ;] u bby 4 ever..naw longer than tht ..

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  1. i know you prolly never gonna read this cus you never sign on anymore >:o but i fucking love you .