Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my love i mean [ex] LoVe =]

we been through a lot ups downs smiles nd frown happy tears nd sad ones,the love of my life was hopin she would be my future all good things come to and end nd she was my good thing..she made me feel real special all the time even when i pissed her off she showed me how much she loved me nd i still love her for tht she taught me how to love real first love my real first heartbreak all tht im not mad at her shit i love her to much to stay mad..she's every man dream she's still my dream..i tlk to her everyday nd we might argue the whole time bt we still gone say i love you after all the how we kno its forreal..we not together nomore bt i still love her wit all my heart aint no girl ever gone take her place in my heart i dnt think it possible..we have so many laughs we shared so many tears she been in my life for 10 months the longest 10 months always gone be my bby hopefully god gives us another chance with each other in the future if not thank u for bringer to me period she showed me feelins i didnt even kno i had real use to be like damn this girl got me droppin i guess thts love its crazy bt yea thts my love ;] u bby 4 ever..naw longer than tht ..

Monday, July 27, 2009


sup yall
as yall can see my life is full of drama huh
bt its calmin down now bc i think i got my shit in order
yall kno i love my ex bt im gettin over it more nd more evryday
we will still always be friends bt im movin on she happy nd i am now too.....

anywayz me my lil womp womp[bby mama] we good now we on good terms she givin me my time even if the time is wit her bein here wit me still all the time shit take yo ass jp i lover her company;] im outta here wit a smile..

Saturday, July 25, 2009

its always sumthn....

her:im leavin on the 4th
me:ok where u goin
me:ok thts koo when u commin bak
her:im not
me:the fuck
me :wht u mean u not
her:im stayin out there
me:come over
her:no for wht..aint nuthin out here for me james
me:so u jus leave bc u mad
her:u can think goin out there find a place nd place nd raise my bby
me:yo byy
me:bluhd thts my bby too wht u expect me to do follow yo ass out there
her:idc wht u do im leavin with or without u
me:im on my way
her:im not home
me:u so fckin stupid man i swear..whts wrong wit u
her:no u fukn stupid im tired james its like one day u got me thinkin sumthin nd the next its like w.e fuk me
me:wtf are u tlkin about we was jus koo shay ..why are u doin this ..wht do u want frm me
me:where u at shay
her:i dnt wanna see u
her:im in love wit you james nd u kno tht nd i kno u feel the same way nd u jus scarred
me:i dnt kno nuthin thts the first i ever heard tht..why are u trynna tell me how i feel
her:because i kno you..i can tell when we hug when u lay wit ..i jus kno..tell me u not
me:bye shay
her:thts wht i thought

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

today was better

today was a good day had no work went to the beach wit my bbymama i mean shay she dnt like the word bby it was the first time in a couple days tht i actually smiled nd laughed ina couple days had a real heart to heart convo about everything past present nd future a lot to think yea went to the doctor today she's 3 months hopefully we'll kno wht it is next month hopefully its my lil boy kinda excited to have a lil me ya kno i gotta go yall time to eat nd get ready for work tomorrow ..nd oh yea instead of sept 1st im movin aug 1st...=]

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

everybody gets a heartbreak

i guess it jus wasnt meant to be no matter how bad i wanted im jus mad bc i feel like i was jus there to keep her occupied until he decided to come back bt i guess thts jus how shit goes huh shes moved on and happy so i guess i gotta brush it off nd do the same bt its not gone be as easy at it seemed to be for her bc i was i mean im still really in love nd dnt kno when its gone go away it hurts so much to kno it was tht easy to jus jump back in a relationship wit him fist love or not it dnt matter...i tried to give her all i could all my love i gave her my heart nd she still has it i really can feel my broken heart..i layed back tht night and jus wondered why and how could she do me like tht after all we been through and for her to always tell me how much she loved me all the time..i dnt think it was a lie bt i dnt think it was as genuine as she made it tlkin about this jus makes me sad furious nd hurt at the same time..i guess i gotta try to move on nd let it burn.