Saturday, July 25, 2009

its always sumthn....

her:im leavin on the 4th
me:ok where u goin
me:ok thts koo when u commin bak
her:im not
me:the fuck
me :wht u mean u not
her:im stayin out there
me:come over
her:no for wht..aint nuthin out here for me james
me:so u jus leave bc u mad
her:u can think goin out there find a place nd place nd raise my bby
me:yo byy
me:bluhd thts my bby too wht u expect me to do follow yo ass out there
her:idc wht u do im leavin with or without u
me:im on my way
her:im not home
me:u so fckin stupid man i swear..whts wrong wit u
her:no u fukn stupid im tired james its like one day u got me thinkin sumthin nd the next its like w.e fuk me
me:wtf are u tlkin about we was jus koo shay ..why are u doin this ..wht do u want frm me
me:where u at shay
her:i dnt wanna see u
her:im in love wit you james nd u kno tht nd i kno u feel the same way nd u jus scarred
me:i dnt kno nuthin thts the first i ever heard tht..why are u trynna tell me how i feel
her:because i kno you..i can tell when we hug when u lay wit ..i jus kno..tell me u not
me:bye shay
her:thts wht i thought

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