Tuesday, July 21, 2009

everybody gets a heartbreak

i guess it jus wasnt meant to be no matter how bad i wanted it....bt im jus mad bc i feel like i was jus there to keep her occupied until he decided to come back bt i guess thts jus how shit goes huh shes moved on and happy so i guess i gotta brush it off nd do the same bt its not gone be as easy at it seemed to be for her bc i was i mean im still really in love nd dnt kno when its gone go away it hurts so much to kno it was tht easy to jus jump back in a relationship wit him fist love or not it dnt matter...i tried to give her all i could all my love i gave her my heart nd she still has it i really can feel my broken heart..i layed back tht night and jus wondered why and how could she do me like tht after all we been through and for her to always tell me how much she loved me all the time..i dnt think it was a lie bt i dnt think it was as genuine as she made it seem..bt tlkin about this jus makes me sad furious nd hurt at the same time..i guess i gotta try to move on nd let it burn.

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