Tuesday, January 27, 2009


mannn im at werk not really focused
my mind is else where.......

man its like i want everything to be jus right 
not trynna move too fast.....
bt its hard not too when u have somethin so perfect in front of you...
i kno this girl is wht i need 
i kno she can put a smile n my face

bt i also kno tht her head is not right yet
and i want it to be so bad...

bt i think thts the problem wit me ..i expect to much
i want her to want me as much as i want her.....bt i dnt think thts possible right now

so i guess until it is imma have to fall bck fer a while...as much as i dnt want to 
i have too ...bc i care about her so much..and all i want is fer her is to be happy 

so if u dnt talk to me today dnt take it personal im givin u the space tht i think u need right now and trust thts gone be hard bc it has become a habit fer me to tlk to u every night frm 7:30 to 3:30 =]....bt jus kno imma wait fer u ..to get all of you back frm him.bc i dnt want half of you or parts of you ..im selfish i want it all..mind ,body ,soul and heart..and i will wait how ever long it takes to get it .....i kno im seetin myself myself up to possibly to get hurt bt i cant help it now its too late im open.....

and oh yea september 9th 2oo8 was the day we met ;]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

BitChez Iz SiLLy


let me interest yall in this dumb ass ex tht i got...

her ol stupid ass on myspace trynna tlk shit about me on anutha nigga comments..lmao
like wtf..how old are we?..bt if u gone do some shit like tht make sure i cant see it next time
and then hlaf the shit she was sayin was fckin lies..lol

first of all she told the nigga she left me ....which is a fckin lie..lol
she told him i hit her up everyday buggin her..which is a fckin lie..lol
then she said how she wanna get a nigga to beat me up..lmao..i wish the fck she would..lol
lol..but why the fuck do u have to lie to make conversation??
bt the funny thing is ...a hour before before i seen it she was jus tellin me how much she love and how much she wanna get back together..smh...
then on top of all tht the nigga she was tlkin to didnt even look better than me ..stupid ass

u have to be one of the stupiest muthafukkaz i kno ..aint nobody gone want yo ghetto insecure ass anyways bc u act like a lil ass kid and love to argue,,lol.bt i tried to be the bigger person and still be friends..bt fck all dat her ass took my kindness for weakness....lol

then she gone tell me she been doin her since new years ..this is after i cussed her out
ha!!! too bad idgaf...u must not kno bout me..lol

bt anywayz im done writtin bout her trifflin ass =]

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Parade!!! GiRlZ Are Crzy

so i went to the parade today right..lol
it was koo bt it jus got hot outta nowhere like got damn a nigga neck was burnin and shit..lol

but anywayz it was lot a females up there lookin ind of right 
bt you kno it was the dusty ones always trynna get mad when u aint trynna fck wit em
bt the cold thing about it is tht i was went wit a female already......

so i went to the restroom right this girl watched me leave the girl i was wit 
came o the restroom when i got out she was standing outside the rest room..lol
her ass was forward than a muthafukka..and was jus like whts up wit....so im single 
so i was talkin to her bt the girl i was wit peeped it and was jus starin so out of the respect i have ..i end tht convo ..and go back to who i was wit but i was kinda mad tho kuhz i didnt get her number but i had a feelin i was gone run bck into her..lol..

so its was over and me and the girl i went wit was walkin back to the car ..and i see her ..
she was parked 2 spaces away from me ...so she came up[ to the car not givin a fuck 
and was like heres my number and my aim since u single get at me ....lmao
but dnt forget i got a girl sittin next to me in the passenger seat...lmao..smh..

GirLz Are CraZy...lmao

Sunday, January 18, 2009

IM SicK As FuCk

like damn..

how did i just wake up like this man fuck
im so fckin sick im loosin my voice
and thats not even the worse part i dont have nobody here to take care of me =[
i wonder why...........

ugh man i dont even have nuthin else to say ......

Friday, January 16, 2009

My TwiiN =]

my twin popps kuhh she's like the only female thts on my good side right about now..lol
man on some real shit ..i havent went a day without tlkin to her since...shit iono..lol

bt she always got a nigga bck and we tlk about everything and when i need her advice she gives it to me straight no chasser..lol

but anywayz yea iLykuhh =]

The Old Me Is Dead And Gone .

well yea this is my first entry right..lol
so yea but anywayz im james 

bt anywho..lol..im sittin here right now right
suppose to be at the movies bt i wasnt feelin it tonight 
i rather smoke blunts and drink ..thts jus the kind of mood im in ..lol

but im jus sittin here thinkin right ..
like why the fck do i get in these fucked up relationships ..lol
like it never fails tho..it goes good for the first couple months then 
muthafukkaz wanna act stupid..

like why do bitchez complain about not never 
havin a good nigga and how niggas aint shit..yall wanna kno why..
bc yall aint shit thts why..kuhz when yall got a good nigga yall wanna test him
jus to see wht yall can and cant get away wit ..and tht shit aint poppin 
but yall gone learn tho ..bc thts why so many niggas cheat bc when they try to be faithful 
bitchez wanna take us for granted bc they think the love we got for yall gone make us stay 
bt it on ly so much a nigga will tolerate ....then yall make us go back to our hoeish ways ..lol
bc right now thts where im headed...

im tired of bein the nice guy tht gives a fck about everybody feelins bt then they dont give a fck bout minez ....so now muthafukkaz gone be like "damn james why u act like tht now" and imma say because" THE OLD ME IS DEAD AND GONE"yea and people tht kno me can tell idgaf nomore bc i didnt use to call girls bitches ..psshh..bt now yall bitchez to me ..untill one comes and proves me wrong tht yall not all the same ........